About Jonas

Jonas Vogel has a career in dance music that goes almost ten years back in time. He has played all of the best clubs worth mentioning in Sweden’s clubland. Along with the fact that he has also had sets as superclubs like ’Ministry Of Sound’ (London), ’Es Paradis’ (Ibiza) and ’Bora Bora’ (Ibiza) makes him one of Sweden’s most established DJs.

Over the last few years Jonas has gone more into producing music. Most recognized is his single together with Filip Jenven, called ’Gypsy Drop’. The single to this day have over 9 million streams world wide, which meant the duo recieved a gold record for their hard work. In 2016 Jonas’s new single Fireball say daylight and is considered ”one for the summer”, as the track has broken into several swedish chart and had more than half a million streams in just over a month. With his new remix of Peg Parnevik’s ’Aint No Sain’t’ Jonas is switching styles a bit from his normal house-minded sound over to a bit more ’Future Base’ kind of genre in the veins of Major Lazer and The Chainsmokers. The remix was released on the 10th of may!